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Northlake Development Group fundamentally alters community landscapes through our inclusive residential growth model. This is accomplished by identifying and developing raw land parcels within areas that are experiencing both sustainable economic growth, and population migration resulting in significant housing demand and price appreciation. Northlake also narrows its investment criteria to geographies with extremely high barriers to entry, thus limiting potential new supply and competition.

Our goal is to maximize investor returns and improve outcomes while mitigating downside-risk to the greatest extent possible. We operationalize this ambition by practicing extreme restraint in regards to site selection, product execution, creation of the capital stack and disposition strategies. Part of this implementation also includes deleveraging to the greatest extent possible, thereby reducing cost of capital while increasing flexibility of project deliverables. 

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Northlake Development Process


Our proprietary method of site selection exploits decades of experience and knowledge, along with a deep network of relationships with industry professionals, to identify unique and viable investments. 

Analysis & Acquisition

Northlake Development Group utilizes best-in-class practices to perform a thorough market & site analysis on each location. With a history of completing dozens of successful projects, Northlake principals are able to coordinate all relevant third party vendors and interpret all test results to determine whether parcels meet our stringent criteria for acquisition.  In-depth financial analysis of all projects is completed through proprietary modeling.

Entitlement Process

Northlake Development Group principals bring a vast array of professional experience to the firm, including but not limited to licensed accountants, attorneys and financial advisors. With a proven and distinctive track record, Northlake Development Group is fully capable of navigating the legal and regulatory hurdles associated with the development of raw land by: engaging with relevant municipal officials, working with third party consultants, and determining the highest and best use for each site.

Concept Design

Northlake Development Group partners with industry-leading consultants in order to create and deliver the most useful and efficacious site plan for each parcel. Northlake prioritizes a clean and modern aesthetic; which provides a high-quality living space for residents, and a legacy asset in which investors can have pride of ownership.


With dozens of successfully completed projects in the resumes of Northlake Development Group principals are uniquely positioned to exploit an extensive knowledge base to deliver successful product, we also have the proficiency and background which enables us to maintain tight operational control, actively participating in all aspects of day to day requirements and the overall design process.


Northlake Development Group approaches each project from an opportunistic perspective, as such, our exit strategy is determined by the path that yields the best outcome for investors, rather than a pre-determined model. The constantly evolving fundamentals of the current market demand that participants remain agile.


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